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All business needs to protect their employees form danger at work, especially when working at height or in confined spaces. Falls from height can result in death or a serious injury. Certifying your system on annual bases ensures that your system is up to the manufactures guidelines although we do strongly recommend getting your employees trained in the latest working at height techniques. They will not be able to certify the system but they will be able to asses it and ensure that the system is fit for purpose before they use it.

If you do have a Working at Height safety system (cable based or anchors) then we can certified if on your behalf with a competitive quotation for the works. Once the system has been passed we will issue you with a certificate for your records. It is a Legal Requirement that you have your safety system certified in accordance to BS EN 795 by a competent person and confirmed in writing that it is safe to use. With frequent checks and any faults being reported to us as soon as possible, we can work together to maximise the life of your system(s). To do this we can offer you free advice or certified training.

It is not acceptable to rely on the emergency services no more and you as an employer should ensure that this is a safe environment where possible. Please see our consultant page for more information in regards to rescue plans and procedures.

What we can do, to help you achieve this?

We will come in and certify the systems on an annual bases or if required, more frequently. The system will be checked to the correct standard and a certificate will be issued. If there is a failure then we will liaise with you directly to get this problem rectified as soon as possible.

The annual recertification will satisfy most insures. We believe that this is the minimum requirement as there are other steps that you can take to minimise the risks further when Working At Height. Safe and Secure fall protection Ltd can offer the relevant user training for your employees (refer to our training page for more information or feel free to contact your local office).

We will take the stress of you with our CRM system: this will notify us when your contract comes up for renewal or when we need to come in and test it. We aim to do this 30 days prior to the certification running out, this allows us to certify the system within ±5 days so the system is always operational.

If you handle more than one site then we would look to offer you a multisite discount. This will vary depending on the volume of work involved but allows you to have one point of contact in case you need to report a fall or damage to the system between our certified visits. Some companies have an interrogated system that we are more than happy to use.

Please note that depending on the safety system installed / used on your site will vary the frequency that it needs to be certified.


There are a lot of handrail manufactures out there that says that there systems do not need an annual retest and this is correct. We would advise you to get a competent person in to inspect it from time to time that will tighten up any loss bolts or check for any missing bolts or defects that could weaken the system or change how it would react with a dynamic load (force applied to the top rail). We would also recommend this done to ladders as well.

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